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Brain Training and Sports

Train "True Agility" with increased cognitive decision making skills via BrainHQ and Sports.
Cognitive Conditioning: Players and coaches are coming to appreciate that cognitive conditioning is as important as physical more.
Science and Brain Training
More than 100 published scientific papers show the benefits of BrainHQ exercises and assessments. ...Read More

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Weight Room Certification

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Your WRSC Tools

WRSC Tools: 6 Absolutes to Completion

1. PRACTICAL: Having completed the practical component of the BFS WRSC in the past 45 days, you are halfway towards completing the new, upgraded BFS WRSC.

1. Be at least 18 years of age.
2. Attend and participate as a coach at a BFS Certification.
3. Demonstrate correctly the BFS coaching techniques during the breakout session.

3. STUDY PERIOD: After completing your practical component you will have 10 business days to review your Total Program Study Guide available online at the Online Learning Center.

4. WRSC TEST: 10 Business days after your practical component you will be emailed your web link, username and password with which to login to the online WRSC Test.
BFS WRSC Test Overview:
The BFS Certification Test is an open-book test which contains 102 multiple choice and true/false questions. You must answer 90 of the Questions correctly to Pass. You must complete the Test to receive a Passing Score. If you fail the test, you may retake the test again at no cost. As this is an open-book test you may use the BFS Certification Study Guide. You have 45 days from the completion of your practical component to complete the Certification Test.
5. BFS CERTIFIED: After passing the online WRSC Test you will be mailed your official certificate and your subscription to BFS Magazine will begin.

6. ONLINE LEARNING CENTER: Using your BFS supplied username and password you will now have access to the BFS Online Learning Center. Here you will find Video Training materials on all BFS Core Lifts and Standard Auxiliary Lifts. You will also have access to all information presented in the practical component slide show. Use these materials for classroom training or as a personal refresher for the practical component of your BFS WRSC.

7. RENEWAL: Your BFS WRSC is good for one year. You will be reminded by email and post card as your renewal date approaches so be sure to keep your contact information with BFS current. Renewal is $99.95 and keeps you active on the Online Learning Center with it’s growing library of training aids as well as maintains your subscription to BFS Magazine. Renewal also demonstrates you are taking an active role in staying current in weight room training and safety.


The BFS Online Assetts
BFS Online Learning Center
Online training aids for the BFS certified coach

Ongoing Education:
Here certified coaches will find video training materials on all BFS Core Lifts and Standard Auxiliary Lifts. You will also have access to all information presented in the practical component slide show.

Useful for keeping the proper technique fresh in your mind for maximum results. Great for classroom demonstrations whether introducing safe technique to new athletes or refreshing the basics with returning starters.

Click Here to See the BFS Online Learning Center Website
BFS Total Program Study Guide

The Study Guide is designed to take you chapter by chapter through the “Bigger Faster Stronger” book.

Access your guide as a downloadable .pdf document or as a web page at Work through the Study guide completely before taking the Online Certification Test.
Safety and Liability Manual

A must for all programs, this manual can help you understand the issues surrounding weight room safety.

Download your copy online at

Click Here for More Info

The BFS WRSC Packet Contents
BFS Total Program Book

The Authoritative Guide to the BFS Total Program

Find all the information you need to implement the Total Program.

Click Here for More Info
Student Acknowledgment Form

By having every student and athlete sign this form you can demonstrate that you have instructed them on proper weight room safety.

Click Here to Download

Record Card
Chart your success

Constant Improvement:
At the core of the BFS program is the "BFS Set/Rep System". Being able to simply and accurately chart improvement is among the prime motivators for athletes. Use these cards designed specifically for the BFS Program and your athletes could be breaking personal records every week!

Click Here for More Information

Readiness Record Card
Help young athletes emerge in a safe program emphasizing proper technique over heavy lifting

Begin to Win:
As Coaches we at BFS know that bringing in new athletes can be one of the biggest challenges. The BFS Readiness Record Card lets new athletes quickly chart each milestone in technique needed to move on to the complete BFS Program.

Click Here for More Information

Secret to Success Disc

Interactive look at all the areas that make up the BFS Total Program

Click Here for More Info

Beat the Computer Pro 30 Day Demo
The quintessential tool for digitally logging your sets and reps in the BFS Total Program

Click Here for More Info

The BFS Experience
We want to know all about your experience with BFS.

Share: Learn how to share your success with other coaches or to find motivational stories from your peers to help you reach your full potential.
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Camps and Clinic Information
Certification is just the beginning of the BFS experience!

Inspiring Clinics: Learn more about all the BFS camps and clinics available to your program.

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Click Here to Request a Catalog by U.S. Mail

BFS Catalog
All that you need to succeed

84 pages: With over 800 items BFS has the products you need to make your program the best it can be. From weight room equipment to speed training to motivational seminars, find what you need here.

Click Here to Download
BFS Magazine & Archives

Archives available online at
Knowledge Base: Take advantage of BFS’s 35+ years of articles pertaining to training, safety, motivation and more. Over 1700 articles currently available with more added with each publication of the magazine.

Click Here for More Info
Click Here for Archives


A BFS Certification is good for one year. Members will receive reminders by email before their renewal date. It is critical for each member to keep their contact information with BFS current. The Renewal fee is $99.95. Membership provides access to the Online Learning Center with it’s growing library of training aids as well as a new certificate and subscription ot the BFS Magazine. Annual renewal demonstrates that members are taking an active role in staying current in weight room training and safety.

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