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InMotion Analysis

A Simple and Inexpensive Way to Maximize Your Coaching
with Practical Video Analysis Software

When BFS was introduced to the creators of Quik Scout Technologies, what impressed us first was that the company has been involved in the field of improving sport performance through video analysis since 1982. The company has a proven record of success and has refined its products so they are easy to learn, easy to use and affordable. Also, the program works with your own computer and video camera. Now let’s talk about how to evaluate technique with Video Analysis Software.

If you don’t have a background in biomechanics, or if like most coaches you have several mint-condition (OK, unused) books on the subject in your personal library, start by applying the BFS Six Absolutes. The Six Absolutes are six training principles that are amazingly effective in teaching – and analyzing – perfect technique. They are as follows:

For example, baseball players who slump over in their hitting stance need to "Spread the Chest" so they will be able to best transfer the power from the legs to the torso and arms. If athletes are buckling their knees in the squat, they do not have their Toes Aligned (Absolute # 4) and Knees Aligned (Absolute # 5). Using these terms not only gives you a way to make biomechanical analysis simple but also provides a common terminology that all athletes in any sport can relate to.


"InMotion makes technology coaching tools affordable to any school system and provides athletes a level of feedback we could never achieve with regular video cameras. Athletes of this generation respond very well to video feedback and incorporate what inMotion displays into their practice routine."

Dan Budziszewski
Head Football Coach and Assistant Softball Coach
Harborcreek High School
Harborcreek, Pennsylvania

inMotion Analysis In-Depth Information

There are three basic sections in the inMotion Software: Capture, Organize and Analyze.

Capture is a function that enables you to hook up your computer to your video camera so that you can record the video on your computer. Again, there’s nothing else to buy! Also, Capture enables you to input videos that you have already recorded into your computer system.

Organize enables you to break down your videos into segments and to organize these segments into categories. If your video clips are of a track event, for example, you could categorize them by event and then by athlete.

ANALYZE. Now is where the fun begins! Analyze enables you to break down all your video clips, frame by frame. There are various drawing tools that can help you with this process, such as by tracing the bar path of an exercise. But there’s much, much more!

In addition to analyzing the technique of one athlete on a single video, you can open another video clip alongside it. It can be of the same athlete or of another athlete. Imagine comparing your baseball swing to that of A-Rod, your sprinting technique to Carl Lewis, or your golf swing to Tiger Woods! As a bonus, all the BFS Core Lifts are pre-loaded in the program for reference and technique comparisons.

After analyzing an athlete’s technique, you can store your work on your computer or on a CD you can share with the athlete. As the season progresses, you can pull up those older clips and see how an athlete’s technique has changed so present workouts can be modified.

At BFS, we are excited to team with Quik Scout Technologies to bring this Practical and Economical Video Analysis Software to Coaches and Athletes.

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