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Cognitive Training

Train "True Agility" with increased cognitive decision making skills via Brain HQ

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True Agility



From the Star Tribune, According to Tom Brady, New England Patriots quarterback, his brain is faster than it’s ever been. And he believes it’s helping his long-term cognitive health while making him a better quarterback.
Brady’s TB12 Sports Center installed BrainHQ as one of the four pillars of improvement techniques designed to meet the boss’ goal of playing this game until he’s 50.
“I’ve used it for probably three years now consistently,” Brady said. “There has been a lot of talk about concussions and head trauma and CTE. I’ve learned that prevention is part of the issue. I work hard to try and prevent some of those things from happening. BrainHQ does a great job of cognitively trying to keep me ahead of any of those problems.”


Researchers Find BrainHQ Has the Most and the Best Science

Scientists affiliated with five institutes in Western Australia conducted a systematic review of the research supporting various commercial brain-training products as it related to addressing cognitive decline of people aged 50 and older. This was the first systematic review of science behind such products, Of the 18 brain training programs reviewed 11 had no studies that met the criteria for the review. Of the seven that had some evidence, BrainHQ topped the list: it had the most, and the best, scientific evidence backing it. The review is published in Neuropsychological Review.

What The Review Found

The reviewers looked at 244 journal articles and zeroed in on 26 studies of healthy aging and brain training. Ten of those were studies of Posit Science exercises; and 8 of the 10 were judged to be the highest quality. That’s a lot better than the second place program, which had three studies, of which only one was high quality. Lumosity ranked dead last, with one study of only moderate quality.

There has been some debate about whether or not brain training works. As this independent review found, there is good evidence showing that it can, but it depends on the program. Some genuinely change brain function. Here at BrainHQ we are not surprised that our program was identified as the one with the most evidence for actually helping people.

About BrainHQ

BrainHQ is an online brain-training system built by Posit Science. It features 29 exercises that work out attention, memory, brain speed, intelligence, navigation, and people skills. More than 100 papers have been published in scientific journals, including the Journal of the American Medical Association, on the BrainHQ exercises and assessments.

The Cognitive Benefits are Proven

More than 100 published scientific papers show the benefits of BrainHQ exercises and assessments. Most of these were independently conducted by scientists at respected universities, such as the University of California, Stanford, and Johns Hopkins.

Why This Matters

BrainHQ has 29 online exercises that work out attention, brain speed, memory, people skills, navigation, and intelligence.
If you want, you can have BrainHQ tell you exactly which exercises to do, and in which order: the personalized trainer feature, designed by scientists, continually measures your performance and serves up the exercises that will benefit you the most.
Or if you prefer, you can design your own program, choosing exercises and workouts that meet your school and class schedule.

Published Research on BrainHQ and Brain Processing Speed

Perhaps the most important goal of BrainHQ training is to speed up your brain’s processing. That is because quick, accurate processing of information that comes in through hearing, vision, etc. affects “higher” cognitive functions - like memory and problem solving. When the brain can not keep up with the speed at which information is coming in, it makes only partial, representations of that information. This has short-term and long-term effects. In the short term, it might lead you to mishear a play call or classroom instructions. In the long term, it affects memory: your brain only has a fuzzy recording to rely on.
Many BrainHQ exercises are designed to gradually speed up visual and auditory processing. So far, 20 papers have shown that they work.
The IMPACT Study (led by researchers at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Southern California) showed that using six BrainHQ exercises for 40 hours led to an average increase in auditory processing speed of 135%.
*The ACTIVE Study, one of the largest and most prestigious studies on cognitive training in adults ever conducted, saw a doubling, on average, in visual processing speed after just 10 hours of training with the BrainHQ exercise called Double Decision.
Two imaging studies led by scientists at Northwestern University showed that training with a set of BrainHQ’s auditory exercises could reverse negative trends in the brain: one recorded faster neural timing and precision and the other saw a better balance of speech representation in the brain. Both showed that these brain changes were accompanied by changes in how well the people could process sound and hear in noisy environments.
Dozens of other studies have shown that such improvements in processing speed have several benefits in everyday life, from safer driving to keeping up with the demands of busy school, sports, homework schedule.

5 Minute Exercises

It takes under five minutes to do each BrainHQ level, so you can use it in tiny bites or long blocks, depending on your class or team schedule. Use BrainHQ on almost any computer or mobile device. You can set up team training goals and have BrainHQ send you training reminders.

Like the BFS Total Program keeping records is the key

You train in one exercise for less than five minutes at a time. Then you train at that exercise again, either right away or at a later time - until you are at your best. Sometimes that takes a few tries, and sometimes it takes many.
The program provides feedback for each level, you can review your starting score, your improvement, your training effort, and much more.
Like BFS you are not competing against others. You are competing against yourself, working to perform better than you did when you started.

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